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Proud to be an Osmocom project

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Short for Open source mobile communications, Osmocom is a family of projects that span DECT, GSM, trunked and satellite communication systems, and more — with both software implementations and hardware designs.

Since July of last year the development mailing list for UmTRX has been hosted by Osmocom, but with the documentation remaining at Google Code.

If you’ve visited this website within the last few weeks you may have noticed that we’re in the process of migrating user documentation across from Google Code, and as part of the same process we’re also moving the developer documentation across to a brand new Trac instance that Osmocom have kindly set up for us at

The migration away from Google Code is not complete just yet and improving the user documentation here and the developer docs at Osmocom is very much a work in progress. It should be noted that presently the Google Code issue tracker is still in use, but issues will be moved across to Trac within the next month or so, completing the migration.

Why Osmocom?

Osmocom is more than just somewhere to host a mailing list, wiki and issue tracker, and it is in fact central to our software strategy for UmTRX use with GSM, which involves OpenBSC, OsmoBTS and a number of other projects. Although it’s true that there isn’t a great deal of documentation available on this architecture at present, and addressing this is something that we will be making a priority.

Of course, UmTRX also supports use with OpenBTS and in theory any other GSM implementation which uses the UHD API. However, the combination of UmTRX plus Osmocom (OpenBSC and OsmoBTS etc.) provides a solution that is open from the hardware, all the way up the stack, as opposed to an “open core” solution where certain features are deemed proprietary and reserved for a commercial version of the software.

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  1. 1 anas said at 11:13 am on June 25th, 2014:

    How can i get UmTRX in Turkey???

  2. 2 anas said at 11:14 am on June 25th, 2014:

    How can i get UmTRX in Turkey?

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