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UmTRX Host Driver Major Update

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Up until recently the host driver for UmTRX was provided by a Fairwaves-specific version of UHD. However, support is now available in the form of a UmTRX module that is loaded by the stock version of UHD based on UHD 003.004. Meaning that it’s now possible to use a single UHD install, together with the UmTRX module, to work with both Ettus and Fairwaves hardware. Furthermore, UmTRX is also able to benefit from updates made to the UHD mainline without porting.

New and improved features

Further updates made to the host software and accompanying firmware as part of this transition include:

  • Numerous additional features for versions of UmTRX that are used in the UmSITE product line, such as the ability to control integrated power amplifiers, and sense forward and reflected RF power at their output ports;
  • Support for timed commands;
  • Retrieving GPS NMEA data over IP is now functional.

On this last point, retrieving raw NMEA data from the GPS module is as easy as using a one line netcat command:

$ echo . | nc -u 49171


If you prefer to have gpsd rather than watch raw NMEA data, you can use socat:

$ echo . | socat - UDP-DATAGRAM: | socat - PTY,link=./gps,raw,echo=0
$ gpsd -b -N -n -D1 ./gps


The default branch for the UHD-Fairwaves GitHub repository is now the one where the UmTRX module lives, umtrx_update. However, the old branch with the legacy monolithic driver, fairwaves/umtrx, still exists.

If you were using the old driver it’s probably best to uninstall this first, before installing a stock version of UHD, followed by the UmTRX module. See the Driver page for details.

The UmTRX firmware should also be updated at the same time as the host driver. See the Flashing page and note that the name of the command used has changed slightly.

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