Extensible hardware with a tried and tested software API


For information on developing SDR applications see the UHD and GNU Radio wikis. However, note that the Fairwaves version of UHD must be used and not the Ettus one!



The hardware design files can be found in the umtrx-schematics repository and include:

  • Altium Designer “sources”
  • Schematics and assembly PDF exports
  • Bill of materials
  • Photos and 3D models

FPGA HDL, firmware and driver

UHD with UmTRX support can be found in the UHD-Fairwaves repository and includes:

  • FPGA HDL, e.g. ZPU and hardware DSP
  • ZPU firmware and bootloader
  • Host driver


This is hosted on the Osmocom wiki.


Issues should be logged to the issue tracker.

Note that the issue tracker is presently hosted at Google Code but issues will be migrated to the UmTRX Osmocom project in due course.

Community and support

There is a UmTRX mailing list for questions and general discussion. However, please consider reviewing the mailing list rules prior to posting.

In general, questions concerning OpenBTS, OsmoBTS and GNU Radio etc. should be directed to the relevant mailing list, unless a UmTRX-specific matter.

Commercial support is available from Fairwaves.


New contributors are always welcome and those interested in getting involved should establish contact via the mailing list.