Embeddable SDR transceiver for telecom grade applications

UmTRX 2.3.1 with aluminium mounting plate

UmTRX 2.3.1 is a low-cost embedded SDR transceiver designed for telecom grade stability and reliability.

UmTRX 2.3.1 features two full-duplex RF channels which can run on any frequency from 0.3 to 3.8 GHz. It has small footprint, industrial temperature range and durability and is perfectly suited for applications which require high frequency stability of a GPS synchronized clock.

Field proven robustness UmTRX 2.3.1 is used in carrier-grade Fairwaves UmSITE base stations deployed in both Arctic and tropical climates, as well as in other industrial applications developed by our clients.

Long-term on-board GPS disciplined reference clock at no cost. Even the best Temperature Compensated Crystal Oscillators (TCXO) are subject to significant frequency drift due to aging and temperature variation. To keep your device within rigid telecom requirements for frequency stability (50ppb) you typically use an expensive GPS disciplined clock (GPSDO). With UmTRX you get it for free and save up to $900.

Reliable 1GB Ethernet allows a wide selection of motherboards. Modern 1GBE adapters can easily get you stable full duplex 900-950 MBPS throughput with no performance compromise when running TX and RX simultaneously. Ethernet is more suitable for industrial application than USB3 due its stability and connection resilience. USB3 also introduces significant bus latency degrading performance of high speed wireless standards like LTE.

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UmTRX 2.3.1 Overview

Designed for long running applications

  • Carrier grade base stations
  • Radio protocol analysis for 2G, 3G, LTE and other wireless networks
  • Radio signal detection and measurement
  • Satellite and backhaul communications
  • Test bench and education equipment


Ready for Immediate Use

  • Easy to use UHD module driver
  • Supported by GnuRadio, SoapySDR, Pothos, Osmocom/OpenBSC, OpenBTS, OpenBTS-UMTS

Optimized for Industrial Embedded Systems

  • Reliable 1GB Ethernet interface
  • Remote control, including full power down
  • External RF front-end connector
  • Industrial-grade components
  • Pin head connectors
  • Wide input voltage range
  • Golden plated bottom side for good heat dissipation
  • Two temperature sensors and hardware overheat alarm/shutdown circuit

Meets GSM and UMTS BTS requirements

  • On-board GPS for <0.01ppm frequency accuracy and geolocation
  • Two independent channels (2 TRX)
  • Supports all cellular frequency bands
  • Single-ARFCN and Multi-ARFCN support
  • Compatible with Fairwaves UmSEL board for improved GSM receive selectivity

Hi-End and Feature Rich Design

  • Low noise synchronous DC power system
  • Regulated power supply for power amplifiers
  • PA output power and VSWR measurements

Technical Details

PCB Dimensions: 128 mm x 95 mm x 15 mm
Weight: 90 g board only / 225 g with aluminium plate

Environmental conditions:
-40 °C to +85 °C working temperature range

RF Output

  • PA pre-driver with P1dB = 20dBm
  • 100mW @ 900MHz (per channel)
  • 100mW @ 1800MHz (per channel)

Reference Clock

  • Onboard 26 MHz VCTCXO with 100ppb frequency stability (without GPS)
  • Onboard GPS for long-term <10ppb frequency stabilization (GPSDO function)
  • External clock 23-41 MHz and 1 PPS inputs/outputs to synchronize multiple boards and support different wireless standards

AD/DA and RF processing

  • Two LMS6002D single chip transceivers
  • 300MHz to 3.8GHz tuning range
  • 1 MHz to 28 MHz zero IF bandwidth
  • 11.5-20.5 MSPS quadrature sample rate(13 MSPS with the onboard VCTCXO)
  • 12-bit ADC/DAC

Power Amplifier controller

  • Two power amplifier control ports
  • DC/DC regulator 4.8V to 29.5V, up to 3A
  • ADC inputs for PA output power and VSWR sensors monitoring

Electrical Specifications

  • 8-36V DC input
  • 12W peak power consumption (without power amplifiers)
  • Up to 10W additional power consumption @ 100W power amplifiers (90% efficiency)

Onboard Peripherals

  • Temperature sensors for temperature based calibration
  • Overheat detector
  • Programmable DC/DC converter
  • GPS module with NMEA and 1pps
  • ADC for RF power and SWR sensors input
  • ADC for power system monitoring

External Interfaces

  • Gigabit Ethernet
  • External RF front-end control port
  • Two PA control ports
  • Remote control port
  • RS-232 debug port
  • Two fan connectors (1x constant speed, 1x temperature controlled)


  • Spartan 6 LX75 FPGA

Software driver

  • UHD 3.8+ plugin
  • Rx/Tx DC offset and IQ imbalance automatic calibration

Software support

  • GNURadio, Pothos, SDRangeLove
  • Osmocom/OpenBSC, OpenBTS, OpenBTS-UMTS, OpenLTE, Amarisoft
  • any other software supporting UHD or SoapySDR drivers

Datasheet and drawings

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